Frequently Asked Questions

How do I set up a Comic Subscription order?

  1. Let us know the title or titles you would like like to receive every new issue of. 
  2. As each new issue arrives at MK1, we put your requests aside.
  3. Our subscription system sends you a notification of arrival - you can pick your comics up from the store, or request a delivery or have them held aside at the counter for a future pick up or delivery (we will hold preordered comics aside for up to 6 weeks).
If you are after more info like how to choose titles, how to claim the discounted delivery rate for subscribers (MK1 Comic Club), how to keep up with spin offs, crossovers and tie ins then check this post out for more information . 
To set up a MK1 Comic Subscription contact us via email or  Facebook message @Mark1Comics.  

What happens on New Comic Day each week?

The weekly comic shipment takes up a good portion of our working week - with admin and import tasks on Monday and a growing job list leading up to New Comic Day itself.  This is what we do each week:

New Comic Day eve is spent building the pick lists and collating customer preorders. We usually receive the shipment early Thursday morning - we unpack the boxes - ticking off every arrival first to give us a chance of getting replacements reordered for any shortages/damages before they sell out from the publishers. We start filling customer orders from the picklists built the day before. Remaining comics (after putting the preorders to one side) are added to our website/shelf for purchasing. Sorry we are not able to keep up with emails and facebook messages on New Comics Day.  We don't get to comb through these messages properly till the weekend so best bet if you want something from the site grab it rather than sending a request on these days. Normally that's the day done - it usually finishes with us sending the weekly COMICS ARE GO email out and making the social media announcements. The next day we start the manual process of adding pre orders to our customer's LIVE CARTS and contacting everybody who has had a pre order arrive.  

What happened to the Pay instore option?

We have removed this option from the MK1 website as it has proved problematic integrating with our point of sale system.  We are asking that web orders are paid for at the time of placing.

Our strong preference is that orders are paid for when the items are purchased from our site but you can still pay instore by requesting the items manually from MK1 via email, phone or facebook message. Please keep in mind that the order won't be confirmed untill MK1 physically puts the items aside and replies. Unfortunately this may mean that an item is instock when you request but may have sold out before we get to your message.  

Are items listed on the MK1 site actually instock at the shop?

The stock information on the MK1 website reports our own Hamilton shop’s current  inventory and not an offsite location or supplier's warehouse stock.   
Our webshop reports the stock information taken from our own live inventory. We do not list items for sale that are not physically on hand in our Hamilton shop. As items sell in store our point of sale system updates our webstock records in real time - any items sold out will be recorded as SOLD OUT till we receive more stock (we reorder daily). Great care is taken to make sure this information is kept up to date but from time to time mistakes and errors do happen. In the rare instance that this occurs we will offer an immediate refund. Please feel free to call or email the shop if you wish to confirm availability before placing an order.

How long will my order take to arrive?

We pack and dispatch orders straight away. Our official policy can be found on our Terms & Conditions page. In practice we pack up any orders received during the day straight away… and orders received overnight are packed before the MK1 doors open at 9am. Most North Island urban areas in NZ will receive delivery overnight and South Island Urban address’ within two working days.

Our busiest delivery days are on New Comics Day and the day after new Comics Day (Thursdays and Fridays).. Please allow extra time for orders placed on these days.

How do I redeem a Mk1 gift voucher online?

Physical MK1 Gift Cards purchased from the shop can also be used via the workaround detailed below.

1.Place an order via the Mk1 webstore in the usual manner.
2.Proceed to checkout choosing the shipping method that suits you. For Payment method choose Bank Deposit or Pay Instore. Please forward the resulting order email to and include the Mk1 voucher gift code (this can be found on the gift card itself).

If your order value is more than your gift card value we will provide payment links and options for the difference by reply. If your order is less than the voucher value the remaining credit will be stored under the gift card code to be used with a future order.

Can I claim the reduced shipping MK1 Comic Club rate?

If you have a standing recurring order with MK1 for an ongoing comic, magazine or volume - then yes you are a MK1 subscriber and are invited to choose the option Hold instore with My Current Orders at the checkout or choose the discounted MK1 COMIC CLUB shipping rate. 

MK1 subscribers have a separate arrangement for delivery or pick up. The delivery fee is charged at the time of dispatch - MK1 subscribers receive a special discounted delivery rate of $5 (MK1 Comic Club).  Requested items can be held for pick up instore within a month of arrival.  Please contact us if you would like to become a MK1 subscriber.

What does Final Order Cut Off mean?

Mk1 normally locks our comic order quantities down a couple of months in advance. We make the odd tweak to our orders a few weeks out from theit publication on a date called Final Order Cut Off.  Every week a new Final Order Cut Off selection is published on the Previews World site

How to place an Order from the Final Order Cut Off page:

  • Visit the Final Order Cut Off Page on
  • View, Preview and explore the lists - use the filters to look for your favourites etc. (look for the PREVIEWS PREVUE badge to view sample pages etc). Prices listed on the Previews World site are in USD$ - check with Mk1 if you need a firm quote.
  • Contact Mk1 with your preorder list, add a note to any titles that you would like setup as a standing order for future issues etc. We will reply with order confirmation.

Handy Hint: Look for the Download Order Form TXT link - this will open a plain txt title list that can be easily copied and pasted into an email. You can delete the items you do not want on the list and send as above.

Please Note: All previous pre orders placed with MK1 are still active - if we see a pre order placed via this method for an item we already have you down for we will not duplicate the order (unless we receive a specific instruction that more than one copy is requested).