Frequently Asked Questions

Why do you not offer a subscription/standing order service to mail order customers anymore?

The admin for managing a mail order subscription service is problematic and hugely time consuming. There is a lot more that goes into managing this service than you would think. New mail order comic requests will be referred to our website each week to select their titles themselves.  For those customers who don't want a weekly delivery we suggest they make use of the delivery option : "Hold instore to ship with a future order (will automatically ship with the next order you place that includes a delivery fee)." 

How do Mail Order customers find out when a title arrives at MK1?

Sign up for the MK1 weekly newsletter (sign up can be found in the footer menu at the bottom of this page). We send our weekly email out as soon as the comics are available on line.

We will be introducing new title filters to the MK1 website so that customers are able to easily find the latest issue of their followed titles eg Batman Fortnite Zero Point comics can be found here

MK1 receives the comics one day after the USA publication date so just add one day to the date advertised on Previews World , and Lunar or the individual publisher sites like Marvel , DC comics , Image Comics or Dark Horse

What happened to the Pay instore option?

We have removed this option from the MK1 website as it has proved problematic integrating with our point of sale system.  We are asking that web orders are paid for at the time of placing. 

Are items listed on the MK1 site actually instock at the shop?

The stock information on the MK1 website reports our own Hamilton shop’s current  inventory and not an offsite location or supplier's warehouse stock.   

Our webshop reports the stock information taken from our own live inventory. We do not list items for sale that are not physically on hand in our Hamilton shop. As items sell in store our point of sale system updates our webstock records in real time - any items sold out will be recorded as SOLD OUT till we receive more stock (we reorder daily). Great care is taken to make sure this information is kept up to date but from time to time mistakes and errors do happen. In the rare instance that this occurs we will offer an immediate refund. Please feel free to call or email the shop if you wish to confirm availability before placing an order.

How long will my order take to arrive?

We pack and dispatch orders straight away. Our official policy can be found on our Terms & Conditions page. In practice we pack up any orders received during the day straight away… and orders received overnight are packed before the MK1 doors open at 9am. As long as orders are received before the final courier pick up for the day (3pm) most urban areas in NZ will receive delivery overnight  or within two working days. 

Our busiest delivery days are on New Comics Day and the day after new Comics Day (Thursdays and Fridays).. Please allow extra time for orders placed on these days.

How do I redeem a Mk1 gift voucher online?

Contact the shop and we will provide a website usable gift code. 

Can I claim the reduced shipping MK1 Comic Club rate?

The MK1 comic club is for legacy mail order customers that have a a standing recurring order with MK1 for an ongoing comic, magazine or volume.  These  MK1 subscribers have a separate arrangement for delivery or pick up. The delivery fee is charged at the time of dispatch. MK1 no longer offers subscription /put aside/ delivery service.

What does Final Order Cut Off mean?

Every Monday we finalise our comic orders from a selection of soon to be published titles announced on the Previews World site (Marvel and Indie) and on (DC Comics).  We invite customers to view these lists and let us know if there are any specific single issues, volumes or variant covers they wish to preorder.

How to place an Order from the Final Order Cut Off page:

  • Visit the Final Order Cut Off Page on (Marvel and Indie) and on (DC Comics)
  • View, Preview and explore the lists - use the filters to look for your favourites etc. (look for the PREVIEWS PREVUE badge to view sample pages etc). Prices listed on the sites are in USD$ - check with Mk1 if you need a firm quote.
  • Contact Mk1 with your specific preorder (We can take a preorder for a specific individual comic issue or cover).