MK1's comic subscription system the short version: We put aside copies of every new release comic that our subscribers request. When a new issue is released the MK1 website sends out a payment link to each subscriber that requested it. Subscribers can choose to pay for that issue and get it sent straight away or they can choose to pay for the issue but have it held at the shop to be picked up in store or sent with a future delivery. That process repeats each time a new issue is released . 

The system that customer's use to place preorders via the MK1 website is an application called Manage Comics. We use Manage Comics to keep track of everybody's preorders and to notify customers when preorders arrive - these notifications always include a payment link to the MK1 website.

Customers can view upcoming titles and place pre orders from the PREORDER section of the MK1 website.  

MK1's comic subscription system the detailed version:


    Signing Up:

    If you have made a purchase via the MK1 site you will have a MK1 account already.  You can reset your password via the MK1 account page here 

    New customers can open up an account here 

    IMPORTANT: When opening an account please include your physical address and mobile phone contact details.  We will not start processing preorder requests till we have that information.   We need mobile numbers as Manage Comics notifications can go to spam so we always txt an alert when the first notification goes out)

    Opening an Account? Don't Forget To Do This!

    (SO IMPORTANT WE ARE MENTIONING IT TWICE) When opening an account please include your physical address and mobile phone contact details.  We will not start processing preorder requests till we have that information.   

    (We need mobile numbers as Manage Comics notifications can go to spam so we always txt an alert when the first notification goes out)

    Accessing the Preorder Section of the MK1 Site

    Login to your Mk1 account and click on the PREORDER option in the main MK1 menu.  From here you can browse available comics by using the Search function or filters(more info regarding the Manage Comics Filters can be found below).When you find a title you are interested in click on the cover to reveal the available to order issues. 


    Preorder pricing is accurate for the main cover A of comics, manga and graphic novel volumes. Manage Comics does not display the price for variant covers as many comic shops have different variant cover pricing policies. 

    When ordering variant covers the price will show in your MY SUBSCRIPTIONS record but If the price is wildly different from the cover A price we will be in touch to confirm your interest.  Please also see our variant cover policy below.   

    Sometimes the data files that publishers provide Manage Comics have errors.  When this happens MK1 will requote the price and ask customers to reconfirm or deny their interest at the corrected price.  Sometimes the data files wrongly list covers as being available.  MK1 checks all preorders and will contact customers if there is an error ahead of final pre order commitment (another good reason to keep your mobile number updated at MK1).


    Payment is expected within 7 days of notification of arrival. Comic shipments arrive throughout the week from various different comic distributors. Arrival notifications and payment links are updated and sent out whenever preorders are received .

    Subscribers can view what they have aside for them at this link:

    Customers wanting to have their preorders held aside to be combined with a future delivery should choose the shipping method HOLD ASIDE - DON'T SHIP (will automatically ship with the next order you place that includes a shipping fee). This is a good way to save on shipping costs across multiple orders.

    Variant Cover Policy

    The Manage Comics system does not display pricing for variant covers - the price showing is for regular A cover. Please review your MY SUBSCRIPTIONS page to view pricing for your chosen variant covers. (Many variant covers can be a few dollars extra for cover enhancements like cardstock covers, acetate or foil treatments. When the price is wildly different we will reach out for confirmation)

    MK1 does not take preorders for incentive covers as they usually require us to order extra issues or increase our spend above a certain target to qualify to order.  Because the incentive covers ship in such small numbers (if they ship at all) they are prone to damage and packing errors.  Any we do qualify for that are in saleable condition go on the MK1 website on NEW COMIC DAY - we use them as a bit of excitement and a reason to visit the MK1 site on that day. 

    We filter incentive covers out of the preorder listings in Manage Comics - occasionally publisher data errors lead to these covers being temporarily visible. When this happens we will notify and cancel the preorder.    Handy Hint: you can spot an incentive cover by a qualifier or ratio listed within the comics title  eg. TRANSFORMERS #6 CVR E 50 COPY INCV QUINONES  or HARLEY QUINN #39 CVR F INC 1:50 MINDY LEE CARD STOCK VARIANT.   

    Weird Marvel Comics Cover Problems  (Or Don't subscribe to Marvel B Covers)

    Marvel's assignment of covers can be quite random. Sometimes the B cover position  can be a connecting cover or an incentive cover one month and a different type of cover the next. For customers who subscribe to Marvel  B covers this can lead to missed issues (in the case of an incentive cover which can't be preordered) or a missing part of a connecting cover sequence (when the follow up connecting cover is not assigned the B cover position).   

    We suggest individually pre ordering  the cover you want ahead of each issue's Final Order Due date or subscribing to the A cover. 

    Marvel Foil Cover Pricing:  Marvel charges retailers considerably more for their Foil covers but the retail price displayed in the data fields that Marvel provides is the non foil cover USD retail price. (Still not fixed - one year on!) As a guide most Marvel Foil covers will be $25 each.  

    New Listings? Hold Fire to Week 2 of each Month

    Early each month you will start seeing new listings show up. You can tell a new catalogue has dropped because the banner will change at the top of the main preorder landing page. We recommend patience and waiting till the second week of the month before checking them out. Manage Comics will have found a heap of publisher data errors already but there will still be more - by the second week things should be stable and ready for your preorders.

    Beware These Listings!

    The preorder listings are built around the industry best practice use of comic meta data and comic barcode info. A few publishers use barcodes in inventive and interesting but non standard ways causing problems with our listings and the information presented.

    The following publisher listings should be treated as particularly error prone - we will reach out to confirm and advise when an error is found for a preorder from these publishers.

    Vault Comics!

    (Improvements are coming! For anybody interested in Comic Meta Data check out the COMET standard project).

    Subscription requests for Manga & Graphic Novel series:

    You are welcome to use Manage Comics to place ongoing requests for future volumes of a graphic novel or Manga by pressing the SUBSCRIBE button on the latest title listing.  Don't be alarmed when we remove the "subscription" request. We are transferring it to our internal system which handles this type of product order better.    Rest assured we will order future volumes of  your request for you and you will see each of these volumes confirmed as an individual preorder in your order record. When you want to cancel a subscription just get in touch via email or at the counter.

    Ordering Multiple Copies of a Single Comic

    You can adjust the qty on order once you have preordered an issue.  The steps are 

    1. Place comic  on preorder. 

    2. Jump to your MY SUBSCRIPTIONS record and adjust the qty on order under the My Subscriptions tab.  Qty will need to be adjusted before that issue's Final Order Due date.

    Unexpected 2nd Printing comics showing in a customer's subscription record.

    By default Manage Comics displays the title of the next shipping item in a series automatically. If that next issue is a 2nd printing that will be the title in the record. We won't order the 2nd printing for subscribers so customers won't automatically receive that issue unless specifically preordered.  

    Not all Items Listed are Available from MK1

    Manage Comics listings are created using a data feed from the GEEKFETCH database. We don't have direct control over every individual listing showing.  We do use filters to remove problematic items but occasionally stuff sneaks through.  Not every item showing can be ordered so we will get in touch if a request is not available through MK1. Some examples are: 

    Freebie or Promotional bundles :  The minimum order for these are  pretty large and the freight is the expensive part.  If ten customers request a 100 copy bundle of a giveaway and we somehow miss it in a rush to beat a preorder deadline that will be 1000 copies shipping our way at a very high freight cost. 

    Free Comic Book Day comics We don't do things like we used to - please see our Free Comic Book May post for how we have fun in our Birthday month.

    Signed Comics and High Value Rare books: International freight is expensive and prone to damage.  We are able to absorb the cost of the odd  damaged book or a few regular priced comics but have learned the hard way to avoid the risk of something happening to a rare comic costing 100s of USD$.

    Territory Restricted Titles: There is a growing list of comic titles that are not able to be sent via the usual comic distribution system to New Zealand. This happens when publishers have only purchased, or have only been granted a license to produce comics to be sold in a North American or specific international territory that does not include NZ. We have a way round this but orders must be placed as early as possible - the Final Orders Due date is way too late! See this page for more information and the latest list of territory restricted titles.

    Notifications and the HOLD ASIDE - DON'T SHIP shipping method

    MK1 will update customers whenever new comics arrive by email.  This email will include a link to your personal shopping cart containing all items currently aside for you. 

    This payment link will update as new comics arrive.  We do ask that all preorders are paid within 7 days of arrival. The personal shopping cart will default to the   HOLD ASIDE - DON'T SHIP (will automatically ship with the next order you place that includes a shipping fee) shipping method.  With comics deliveries arriving three times a week this is an extremely useful shipping option for customers wanting to secure comics but bundle and send at a later date. 

    As a reminder If your Mk1 checkout is showing $0.00 shipping review the shipping options before proceeding (you may need to push the down arrow at the checkout's Shipping Method section to reveal other shipping options).

    If you did choose the wrong shipping method look out for the automatic emailed order confirmation -  it contains instructions on how to change the shipping method after an order is placed.


    There is no time limit - we will keep your paid order aside awaiting an order that includes a paid shipping fee. We will send a reminder once a month to reassure you your purchase is safe and not forgotten. Please reply to these messages so we know communications are getting through...

    ....But we strongly suggest you don't wait too long before triggering an order. All care is taken but occasionally errors occur and the earlier we know that a mistake has been made the more likely we can fix it.


    Subscribe To Series Button

    The SUBSCRIBE TO SERIES button is the "set & forget / I want them all" button .  If you click on this MK1 will put aside a copy of every new issue released of this title from the next available issue on .

    IMPORTANT : The next available issue may not be the issue showing - look at the Final Order Cutoff date to see what issue your subscription will start from. If you want to stat from an earlier issue contact MK1 to see if this is possible,

    A pop up  box will allow subscribers to choose between subscribing to A or B covers (or both).  Covers beyond A and B can not be subscribed but can be individually preordered by selecting the PRE ORDER COVER button. The series info will display the next issue due for release up the top of the page along with available to order Variant covers. 

    Please Either Subscribe to a series or Preorder an individual issue - don't do both unless you want multiple copies of the same comic.

    No Longer Available For Pre Order Indication

    In some instances issues will display as   "No longer available for Pre Order"  because that issue's  Final Order Cut Off date has passed.  If you are still interested in obtaining this issue message MK1 ( or use the Chat With Us website messaging) and we will advise if extra copies will be available or can be sourced. 

    Pre Order Issue or Pre Order Cover button

    As you scroll further down the series page, issues and variant covers that can be preordered will have a PRE ORDER ISSUE or a PREORDER COVER button (those that can't, won't).

    Selecting that button will place that issue or cover on order with MK1. 

    IMPORTANT: If you preorder an issue that you are already subscribed to this will create a 2nd request - which will lead to multiple issues being ordered for you.  MK1 will do our best to look out for double orders but the easiest way to avoid this is not to preorder a title that you are already subscribed to.

    Shipping Date

    This is the release date in the USA. If the title releases on time MK1 will receive our copies in the same week as this release date.

    DC and Image Comics arrive on the same day as the advertised date.

    Marvel, Dark Horse, IDW & most Indie publishers will arrive on the closest Thursday or Friday following the advertised release date.

    Final Order Cutoff date

    This is the last date that we can adjust out orders for this title. Preorders, or changes to existing preorders for this title should be made before this date.

    If the Final Order Cut Off date has passed you can message MK1 ( or use the Chat With Us website messaging) and we will advise if extra copies will be available or can be sourced. 

    Handy Hint: MK1 publishes a weekly blog post where we summarize all the major new series from the various publishers that are up for Final Order Cut Off. Check them out here.

    Cover Price

    The Cover Price showing is the MK1 price in NZD$ for the Cover A in the main picture.

    Manage Comics does not display the price for variant covers listed below the main cover image.  

    After you have placed an order for the variant cover the price will show in your MY SUBSCRIPTIONS record where you can confirm or cancel your preorder. If the price is wildly different from the cover A price we will be in touch to confirm your interest. 


    My Subscriptions

    On the MY SUBSCRIPTIONS Page : The button shows all current subscriptions for your active titles. If you placed a preorder with MK1 recently your order may show in the Pre-Order Approvals section of My Subscriptions awaiting MK1's acceptance (we process these requests daily).

    Pulled Orders = items that have arrived at MK1 this week that have yet to be invoiced to you.

    Billed Orders = items that have been invoiced.

    Monthly Preorder Catalogues

    The most recent Previews catalogues are showing in the banner section at the top of the Main SUBSCRIPTIONS Home Page.  Each catalogue lists all issues available to preorder up to two months ahead of publication.

    You can navigate the various catalogue publishers via the filter list on the right hand side of the page.  

    Handy Hint: MK1 publishes a monthly blog post where we summarize all the highlights from the various publishers. We also provide links to download PDF catalogues and include physical catalogues with our mail outs while stocks last. Check them out here.

    Last Call (FOC) - Final Orders Due - Final Order Cutoff

    This is a weekly selection of FINAL ORDER CUTOFF comics - MK1's last chance to adjust our orders up or down. We ask that preorders are placed from this list by Monday morning each week to give us enough admin time to organize the shipments.  The Final Order Cutoff date is the last chance to alter, place or cancel preorders.

    Handy Hint: MK1 publishes a weekly blog post where we summarize all the major new series from the various publishers that are up for Final Order Cut Off. Check them out here.