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When violence and terror slash scarlet claws through mortal lives, they leave death, ashes and an aching thirst for revenge in this new graphic novel by Ant Sang In ancient China, martial arts have been outlawed. When the Qing Emperor's army attacks the dissident monks of the Shaolin temple, only five escape the resulting inferno. the fugitives flee, vowing to spread their forbidden knowledge.One survivor, Monk Who Doubts, plans bloody revenge, while another, the nun Ng Mui, raises an orphaned girl child. By the time Deadly Plum Blossom is in her teens, she is lethal. SHAOLIN BURNING is a graphic novel about two very different kung-fu fighters, whose lives intersect as they are offered self-discovery through the wisdom of martial arts, in a masterful interweaving of kung-fu myths and legends.

192 page softcover HARPER COLLINS

(W/A) Ant Sang