Latest Comic Order Books are open now - featuring all the new comics from the December 2023 catalogues - arriving through FEBRUARY 2024 and on. We will be adding copies of the Marvel Previews & DC Connect catalogues to mail outs and MK1 shopping bags (while stocks last). Pre Orders can be placed on the MK1 website here (all you need is a MK1 website login). MK1 Preorder user guide can be found here.

HOW DOES OUR COMIC PREORDER / SUBSCRIPTION SERVICE WORK? We put aside copies of every new release comic that our subscribers request. When a new issue is released the MK1 website sends out a payment link to each subscriber. Subscribers can choose to pay for that issue and get it sent straight away or they can choose to pay for the issue but have it held at the shop to be picked up instore or sent with a future delivery. That process repeats each time a new issue is released.  

HOW TO CHOOSE A COMIC SERIES: The comic catalogues linked below have the latest release information and dates from all the major comic publishers. 

Jump straight to the MARVEL listings in MK1's own preorder page here. Download the latest MARVEL Comics previews magazine here.

Marvel Highlights:   Ultimate Black Panther 1  ,  What If...? Venom 1,  Edge Of Spider-Verse 1  , Spider-Punk 1 ,  Wolverine: Madripoor Knights 1 (of 5)  ,  Predator: The Last Hunt 1  ,  Alien: Black, White & Blood 1  ,  Star Wars: Mace Windu 1  , 

 Jump straight to the DC listings in MK1's own preorder page here. Download the latest DC CONNECT magazine here.

DC Highlights:   JOKER YEAR ONE storyline shipping weekly in February starting  BATMAN #142 through #144 Sinister Sons #1 (Of 6) ,  Red Hood The Hill #0 and #1 ,  The Bat-Man First Knight #1 (Of 3)  ,  

Jump straight to the IMAGE listings in MK1's own preorder page here. Download the latest IMAGE Comics preorder magazine here.

IMAGE Highlights:  Cabinet #1 (Of 5) ,  Infernals #1  ,  One Hand #1 (Of 5) , Creepshow : Joe Hill's Wolverton Station (One-Shot) ,  Six Fingers #1 (Of 5).

View the latest comic listings from a variety of Indie Comic Publishers including Dark Horse, IDW, Boom Studios and more in MK1's own preorder page here (use the publisher filters to zero in on your fave). Visit PreviewsWorld to view the full comic Previews listing here.

Highlights :   BOOM! STUDIOS  : Displaced #1 (Of 5)   ,  Mighty Morphin Power Rangers The Return #1 (Of 4)  ,  DYNAMITE :  Thundercats #1  ,   TITAN COMICS Savage Sword Of Conan #1 (Of 6)  ,  DARK HORSE PRH :  Dawnrunner #1  ,  Ghostbusters: Back In Town #1  ,   The Goon: Them That Don'T Stay Dead #1 ,  Helen Of Wyndhorn #1 (from the  creative team of Supergirl: Woman of Tomorrow Tom King and  Bilquis Evely!)  IDW PUBLISHING Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: The Last Ronin II--Re-Evolution #1  ,   Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: The Untold Destiny Of The Foot Clan #1  , AWA:   U & I #1 (Of 6)  (J. Michael Straczynski) .    

INTERNATIONAL RESTRICTED ITEMS - the following February 2024 shipping titles will not ship via our usual comic shipping methods for reasons detailed here. We source these titles from alternate contacts. These titles will ship in the month following the USA publication date (eg STAR WARS HIGH REPUBLIC PHASE III CRASH LANDING ONESHOT releases 23rd of March 2024 so Mk1 will receive our order sometime in early April 2024). The following items are known to have a territory restriction - we will add to this list as we discover more.


Catalogue Shopping List Makers: Here are a couple of links  to distributors that offer Catalogue Shopping List versions of the monthly preorder catalogues. These allow viewers to place orders directly from the PDF/web view. The orders can then be downloaded and forwarded via email address manually (please send to shop@mk1.co.nz ) . Reminder- we will not receive a copy of these types of orders automatically - you will need to forward the downloaded form to us.

 LUNAR NEXT PHASE Catalogue shopping list maker - try it out here (use it to make a shopping list to forward to MK1 manually) or download the PDF magazine here. Prices are in US$ currency - we will quote NZD$ by reply.


PRH PANELS shopping list maker can be viewed here (reminder to download your preorders and manually forward list to MK1 via email) - download the PRH Panels PDF magazine here.  Prices are in US$ currency - we will quote NZD$ by reply.




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