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In the north island of New Zealand, there is a place called Whale Bay. It is here, a little brown kiwi calls home. Kory and his friend Bert the green gecko, enjoy surfing and fishing. Adventure tracks these two characters and Kory often needs to use his ‘Kiwi ingenuity’ to get out of tricky situations.

Far away in the French mountains, on the Swiss border there is a hunter. A wolf named Gregor is looking for new game. He has heard of the rare brown kiwi from New Zealand and thinks the kiwi would be a great addition to his trophy wall. After arriving in New Zealand he captures Kory’s family and takes them back to Europe.

It is a race against time, as Kory and Bert set off to Europe and trek their way through the French mountains. They find themselves face to face with danger on their way to rescue Kory’s family. Can Kory outwit this dangerous wolf and get him and his family out of trouble?

One rescue. One escape. One flight that will ruffle your feathers!

W/A Paul Martin