Highlights: This week's FINAL ORDERS DUE selection

Highlights: This week's FINAL ORDERS DUE selection

This weekly blog post gives MK1 subscribers an early look at the new series and key titles that are  up for pre order deadline soon. The weekly Final Orders Due selection will be live on the MK1 site every Wednesday - with publishers having until Saturday to finalize their offerings.  Please note this means the full Final Orders Due list can have items added right up to and including Saturday with the first preorders closing midday on Monday.    https://mk1.co.nz/pages/managecomics/foc 

----Final Orders DUE Explainer----
Every week we lock in the shop's orders from a list of upcoming comics. It is our last chance to increase or decrease our shop orders for the latest batch of comics and variant covers before they start shipping.  To give MK1 enough admin time to collate orders we ask that all requests are entered by 9am Monday 13th of November 2023. Preorders can be placed on the MK1 site or messaged to us.

New #1's and highlights are featured below: 

BOOM! STUDIOS :    Orcs The Gift #1 (Of 4) 

DARK HORSE  :   Borealis #1

DC COMICS :   Batman #405 Facsimile Edition  ,    Batman #428 Robin Lives (One Shot)  ,   Batman & The Joker The Deadly Duo Unplugged #1  ,  Birds Of Prey Uncovered #1 (One Shot)   ,  Titans Beast World Tour Gotham #1 (One Shot)

DSTLRY MEDIA  :   Blasfamous #1 (Of 3) 

IMAGE COMICS :    Bloody Dozen A Tale Of The Shrouded College #1 (Of 6) 

MAD CAVE STUDIOS :    Skeeters #1 (Of 4)

MARVEL :   Original X-Men #1   ,  Star Wars: Revelations [2023] #1

ONI PRESS  :   Invasive #1 (Of 4)   , 

TITAN COMICS :    Gumaa Beginning Of Her #1 (Of 7)  , 

VAULT COMICS :   Beyond Real #1  ,  Unnatural Order #2 is up for Final Orders Due this week - it's the first PAY FOR issue after last week's free copy of #1 - Preorder #2 now - highly recommended!

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