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A Warhammer Horror anthology


Unexplained deaths terrify the crew of a tank. A strange instrument beguiles its audience. A man fears for his sanity within a plague-riddled hive. This grim collection of unspeakable horrors unveils the subtle darkness that lurks within the souls of mankind and the sinister forces tormenting them.



Experience bite-sized chunks of terror in a collection of spine-chilling short stories that will shine a light on the very darkest corners of the Warhammer worlds.



There is darkness within the beleaguered souls of those who suffer the worlds of Warhammer. Whether it’s the arcane menaces of the Mortal Realms, or the cosmic nightmares of the 41st Millennium, none are immune to the evil that preys upon the desperate, exploits the cruel and seduces the unfulfilled.


The third in the series of Warhammer Horror anthologies, Anathemas includes more razor-sharp tales of terror and insanity from the imaginings of David Annandale, C L Werner, Jake Ozga, Lora Gray and many more.



A Threnody for Kolchev by Darius Hinks

Vox Daemonicus by James Forster

The Thing in the Woods by Paul Kearney

Hab Fever Lockdown by Justin D Hill

Voices in the Glass by Richard Strachan

Skin Man by Tim Waggoner

These Hands, These Wings by Lora Gray

A Deep and Steady Tread by David Annandale

Mud and Mist by John Goodrich

Suffer the Vision by Jake Ozga

The Funeral by Darius Hinks

The Shadow Crown by C L Werner

Runner by Alan Bao

Miracles by Nicholas Wolf