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 A Tyranids omnibus


The tyranids are one of the greatest threats to mankind, ravenous aliens who devour all that they encounter. This omnibus contains a host of stories pitting the forces of the Imperium and the aeldari against these terrifying foes, including the novel Valedor, four novellas and more.



Experience desperate battles against the most alien of foes in a series of tales encompassing the Imperium and the aeldari battling monstrous xenos horrors.



As billions upon billions of tyranids sweep through the galaxy, consuming every living soul and world in their path, it seems all will soon fall to the ravenous xenos. Faced with foes beyond number, Space Marines and their common enemy the aeldari face an impossible dilemma – do they fight to the last honour, or retreat to safety for the future of their race? This omnibus contains a novel, four novellas and four short stories featuring harrowing battles against the tyranids.



Valedor by Guy Haley

The Last Days of Ector by Guy Haley

Deathstorm by Josh Reynolds

Tempestus by Braden Campbell

Devourer by Joe Parrino

Wraithflight by Guy Haley

Shadow of the Leviathan by Josh Reynolds

The Word of the Silent King by L J Goulding

Dread Night by Nick Kyme