We use Previews World's PULLBOX to manage pulllists/subscriptions/ongoing comic requests and to track pre orders for single comics and specific comic cover requests. PULLBOX is also the app that notifies you that your preorders have arrived at MK1.   When you place a preorder or comic subscription request with MK1 we will send an invite to sign up with PULLBOX.  

NB: You do not have to use PULLBOX to manage your preorders but as PULLBOX is the method we use to let you know a preorder has arrived you will need a PULLBOX account to receive notifications. 

As we unpack each weekly shipment and mark your orders off as received you will be automatically sent  a summary of what we have just put aside for you. At that point you can pick your comics up from the store, or request a delivery or have them held aside at the counter for a future pick up or deliveryThere is also a button on that communication so you can see previous week's arrivals. All new MK1 subscribers are asked to pay for their orders as the comics arrive (reminder our website has an option to pay but hold comics to be shipped with a future delivery).  

Pullbox can be used in conjuction with the Previews World listings and connected pages like MK1's Cover Gallery page https://mk1.co.nz/pages/cover-gallery   You can request covers by finding them on PreviewsWorld (or clicking through from the MK1 cover gallery) and selecting ORDER (or SUBSCRIBE).  As long as your  account is connected with MK1 we will receive your requests and be able to confirm and reorder items from there.  To sign up with PULLBOX contact MK1 to request an invite.  

All signed up with Pullbox? Here are some things to keep in mind:

  1. The Currency referred to on Pullbox is USD$.  MK1 Comic price conversion chart  can be found on our cover gallery page https://mk1.co.nz/pages/cover-gallery 
  2. Any dates referred to on Pullbox are in US format - month/date/year:  As long as preorders are placed before the final order cut off date than your order will arrive at MK1 one day after the published US new release date.
  3. Pullbox gives you an option to order a single item, subscribe to a series or put on a watchlist.  You can order from the Previews catalogue https://www.previewsworld.com/catalog , the week's Final Order Cut off selection https://www.previewsworld.com/catalog  or older items by using the search bar at the PreviewsWorld site https://www.previewsworld.com/Search .
  4. MK1 will receive any orders and subscription requests in a summary at the end of the day.  If it is a regular request for an item we regard as "normal MK1 fare" we will  convert the request into an order straight away.  If the item is outside of the MK1 normal - price wise or product type -  we will reply within the system with a price quote.  Once you have accepted the quote - we can convert it to an order.  We can fill requests from our  existing stock or we can create a reorder direct from Diamond comics on the Pullbox site -  you will be notified by Pullbox when the item is received at MK1.   
  5. Any orders or adjustments you make on pullbox are notified to MK1 in an all-customers omnibus summary - reporting activity over the preceeding 24 hours.  Keep this in mind when making requests ahead of deadlines (especially if  placing orders on release day itself - we won't see your order till the next day).  Similarly if ordering from the Final Order Cut Off list we suggest placing the orders at least one day before the Monday deadline.   
  6. Another thing to keep in mind is that Pullbox shows everything that Previews World has released - just because it's on there doesn't mean it is available.  
  7. We are still learning how the system  works so let us know if you have a question or suggestion - we will learn together!

We will collate answers & info about the Pullbox service here - most recent discoveries are up the top.

  • Mk1 will periodically mark received pullbox orders as completed.  This will mean that depending on how often you pick up or arrange delivery you may see items in your Orders view marked as completed even if you don't physically have them yet. https://www.previewsworld.com/Account/Orders Rest assured this doesn't mean we have cancelled your order and put them out on shelf (that would only happen if we can't get a response from customers after repeated attempts). 
  • Regarding orders placed after Final Order Cut Off.  When an item is unavailable or unlikely to ship I have been individually advising each issue to every preorder customer and checking to see if they want me to try and reorder anyway.  The problem with this approach is that while we wait for a response the likelihood of the item being available decreases. From now on I will place the request on back order straight away - this means that in these instances Pullbox will advise that I have accepted your order but please keep in mind that does not guarantee the item will be available.
  • New subscriptions placed in Pullbox start from whatever the current issue being offered in the current Previews catalogue - often 2 to 3 issues after whatever is shipping now.  I am now looking out for this and will place reorders back from the subscription's  starting point to the next shipping issue.
  • When an order is placed via Pullbox an order number is generated (once confirmed by MK1 from our end). It is that order number that Pullbox looks to match on an incoming shipping list. So if an order was placed separate to the initial catalogue order and I place an order increase for the book Pullbox won't match the customer order to the title requested unless there is a matching order number on the incoming invoice. So that means that a customer's Pullbox order may well be filled at a later date after the initial order arrives.
  • The Final Order Cut off listings each week filter out the incentive covers (occasionally one slips through accidentally). To limit the disappointment of ordering  a cover we can't provide we suggest sticking to the weekly Final Order Cut Off selection.  Reminder MK1 does not take preorders for incentive covers. https://www.previewsworld.com/FinalOrdersDue
  • We suggest visiting the Final Order Cut Off page on Previews World each week on Wednesday or Thursday so you can select covers before our order deadlines close off.  Orders should be placed at least 12 hours before the Monday cut off deadline each week as we only receive notifications from Previews in a daily summary email covering all orders placed by all customers in the 24 hours previous. If Final Order Cut Off orders are placed on the Monday we won't be aware of them till after the cut off deadline has been and gone. https://www.previewsworld.com/FinalOrdersDue 

A typicle Pullbox product listing looks like this: You can see the Title, Publisher, Cover Image, Diamond Code, Creator Credits, Release Date and US$ Price

  • Push the ORDER button to place this specific issue on order.  
  • Push the SUBSCRIBE button to order every new issue of this series.. 
  • Pushing the VIEW ALL ITEMS BUTTON takes you through to the below screen.

On this screen you can SUBSCRIBE TO SERIES, change to the GALLERY VIEW, toggle the HIDE or SHOW variants button. In general Previews World only shows available to order variants and filters out the incentive covers that we don't take preorders for - MK1 will confirm or advise if a cover is unavailable when you preorder it.  The next sections show upcoming issues and past issues.  A subscription will start from the next issue in the current Previews magazine - you can request past issues via the Series page as well - we will confirm availability.

Choosing a specific cover for a comic series that you are subscribed to:

Subscribing to a title will automatically select the regular Cover A for each new issue.  To choose a specific cover instead of the A cover for a subscribed title select your cover choice before Final Order Cut Off but remember to delete the regular cover that you don't want from your orders tab (this would need to be done before Final Order Cut Off).  

Pullbox will keep you updated of product arrivals - all we need to do next is set up the conditions that set a delivery in motion.  (Pick up in store is left up to you to visit and collect but we may get in touch if we haven't heard from you for a while - please respond to these polite reminders - we won't continue to put aside new items or keep your orders if we don't hear back). 

We invite anybody who has a subscription with MK1 to make use of the cheaper MK1 COMIC CLUB $5 delivery option. These notifications are usually done in the weekend following New Comic Day each week - please allow this time for us to get in touch  - we are particularly busy on New Comic Days, Fridays and Saturdays each week.