MK1 Comic Subscriptions

Here is how our Comic Subscription System Works.
  1. Let us know the title or titles you would like like to receive every new issue of. 
  2. As each new issue arrives at MK1, we put your requests safely aside.
  3. Our system then automatically notifies you of the new arrivals with comics available for pick up straight away.  You can request delivery by contacting us when you are ready for a shipment and we will send an emailed link to your personal shopping cart on the MK1 site containing all the comics currently on hand for you. 
How to Choose Comic Titles

Other things to note:

  • All individual comics ship bagged and boarded within a sturdy cardboard frame. 
  • Customers with an ongoing subscription with MK1 are invited to choose the special reduced shipping rate MK1 Comic Club $5 per delivery from our website.   
  • We can hold requests aside for up to six weeks.  
  • If you would prefer to have a delivery sent on a specific date or dates each month we can set that up.

To set up a MK1 Comic Subscription contact us via email or  Facebook message @Mark1Comics.   We use Previews World PULLBOX to manage our comic orders and customer notifications - learn about this service here