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--- This week's Marvel/Indie comic shipment has arrived. Click this link to view the latest arrivals  --- 

 SHIPMENT STATUS: Marvel Comics Graphic Novels and Volumes and Indie comics and volumes have all arrived - unfortunatly the bulk of this week's DC Comics took a detour to Australia - not expecting these to be redirected till next week sorry.


The Cover Gallery below showcases the latest comic shipment due at MK1 sometime in the week following the US release date advertised below. For more information click on each cover to visit the Previews World listing.  The covers featured below are from multiple distributors and will not arrive all at once in the same shipment. 

A quick note about Variants: We only take preorders for open to order variants and these must be placed with MK1 before the Final Order Cut Off deadline each week.  After that point we suggest keeping an eye on our new shipment announcements and purchasing when available on the MK1 site.

Late Orders:  There is a large amount of administration that goes into building the weekly pull lists/subscription order sheets - we may not be able to confirm availability for the current week's shipping list till after the new releases are unpacked and on shelf/web.

PLEASE NOTE: The prices listed in the Previews World site and on DC's are in US currency - MK1’s current NZ$ pricing is listed at the bottom of this page.  Get in touch with MK1 if you would like to preorder any of these items. 

    • US$1.00 = NZ$2.00 incl GST
    • US$3.99 = NZ$9.00 incl GST
    • US$4.99 = NZ$10.00 incl GST
    • US$5.99 = NZ$11.90 incl GST
    • US$6.99 = NZ$13.90 incl GST
    • US$7.99 = NZ$15.90 incl GST
    Our back issue price is NZ $4 per comic.
    The pricing for Graphic Novels, Volumes, Books and Toys can be found in our webstore when available.  We will provide an individual quote before release on request.  
    DC Comics:  Lunar Distribution has updated their site with info for DC Comic fans. New Releases are viewable by release week along with Final Order Cut Off weekly selections and the DC Connect catalogue.  Check out the DC resource here.