Welcome to MK1's new website

Welcome to MK1's new website

Welcome to MK1's new website - nicknamed the MKIV (yep this is our fourth web site in umpteen years).   Rach and I (and our daughter Natalie) have spent the last two weeks in level 4 lockdown trying to get the site completely ready for launch to coincide with the start of Level 3 Click & Collect and delivery.  The old site is still working - but getting more and more buggy as support from the old ecommerce provider winds down.  

For the most part the new site is ready to go - we are still fixing some catalogue errors, there is the odd listing mistake still to squash and links to fix and images to add. Let us know if you spot a glitch!  There are a few new features to launch over the coming weeks but here are a few changes to be aware of with the new site:

1. No Cover Gallery page for incoming shipments.  This feature will return when weekly new comic shipping resumes - predicted to be mid to late May.

2. No Preorder Google Forms. We are experimenting with a new preorder system and will make a decision as to how and when this will be implemented once we see the revised new shipping info.  You are welcome to browse the Previews World site and advise preorders from there - just keep in mind, everything is very much subject to change at the moment. Here is our latest Preorder info from the current catalogue https://mark-one-comics.myshopify.com/blogs/news/previews-week

4. No more separate dedicated MK1 blog.  All announcements will be made on the site's home page as well as our established social media and email newsletters. I'll make use of banner announcements along the top of the site to alert site browsers to fresh or very important MK1 news - scroll down the Home page for our News postings and links.

5. We have temporarily suspended Pay In Store as a payment option to comply with Level 3 retail trading restrictions.  This option will be added once the physical store is open for customers.

I'll take this moment to thank all of MK1's customers.  Thank you for your orders - these have gone a long way to enabling MK1 to reopen in Level 3. Rach and I are really humbled by the support and messages of encouragement - thank you and "see" you instore!

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