Weekly Preview 08 June 2020

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Weekly Preview 08 June 2020

This week's cover gallery has been announced here https://mk1.co.nz/pages/cover-gallery The big release is the JOKER 80TH ANNIV 100 PAGE SUPER SPECTACULAR #1. Our initial order has pretty much sold out thanks to a flood of late orders but I have been able to order extras after the fact so should have more in the following week. Other launches include the new Matt Fraction series ADVENTUREMAN #1 and the Paul Dini, Ty Templeton classic Animated Batman revisit : BATMAN THE ADVENTURES CONTINUE #1 .  Lots more to check out so visit the Cover Gallery page and email us any late requests.  Next week's comics schedule has been announced  -  featuring  DARK NIGHTS DEATH METAL #1!  

DC Splits with Diamond: The big, seemingly inevitable news from the weekend is the official ending of the DC comics relationship with our American  comics distributor Diamond.  We anticipated this development so have been ready to roll with the changes.  We have our accounts open with the new DC distributors and our freight forwarders are setting up pathways as we speak.  Looks like the first week of July releases will be the first titles under the new arrangement - fingers crossed for as smooth a transition as possible. We have been through this before with the Heroes World Marvel comics fiasco umpteen years ago so we are experienced when it comes to supply channel disruption and the need for flexibility. We keep everybody's orders updated on our own subscription management system so there is no need to update or replace your DC orders - everything will roll over to the new supplier.

Level 1 tomorrow - Yay! Level 1 means no restrictions in store - our social distancing counter arrangement will be gone but we will have our QR code at the door and we may as well keep the hand sanitiser station up - we like clean comics!  

We have finished last week's mail outs - if you expected to hear from us but haven't, check your spam folder and get in touch so we can review your shipment trigger.

The shipment trigger can be an amount of comics, a set date or dates or the arrival of a specific title that prompts us to organise a shipment for you.

See you in store,

Chris, Rach and Team MK1.

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