Weekly Preview 01 June 2020

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Weekly Preview 01 June 2020

Comics have arrived - most were retrieved from the airport ourselves to avoid the freight-jam at the couriers.  This collection has all our fresh comics currently available from the first post-lockdown shipments  https://mk1.co.nz/collections/back-the-come-back  We will use that link  to house all new comic shipments for the next few weeks at least - bookmark the collection or look for it on the MK1 home page https://mk1.co.nz/

The new Cover Gallery is up and has everything expected at the end of this week  https://mk1.co.nz/pages/cover-gallery  Highlights include a new DC Black Label BIRDS OF PREY series, another wave of DC 80th anniversary decade covers (this time it is CATWOMAN's turn) and the FIGHT CLUB 3 HC volume

Next Week's schedule includes BATMAN #92DCEASED DEAD PLANET #1 and the JOKER 80TH ANNIVERSARY 100 PAGE SUPER SPECTACULAR #1  - but treat the schedule as more aspirational than reliable.  Things are a little confusing with DC Comics and Diamond Comic Distributors out of sync with their title releases.  Hopefully they will get everything aligned  once things are a little more back-in-the-swing.  Marvel's reduced schedule is as expected.  The new normal for Marvel has new volumes released in one week (this week) and new comics the following week (next week).  

We will be sending out the arrival notifications from last week's shipment tomorrow. We are still learning how our new site works so it took a little longer than usual to load the new comics  last week.  Arrival notifications will now come from the MK1 site with the payment processes all managed within the one system (no more separate bambora links).  Instead subscribers will get an email from our site that links them to a pre-built shopping cart with their on-hand items listed.  *Please check your spam folder in case the email ends up there).  

Latest FINAL ORDER CUT OFF is up on the website now  https://mk1.co.nz/blogs/news/last-chance-to-preorder-27-may-2020 - Look for the latest AVATAR Library edition, new God of War comic series, Batman's  latest and a new Stephen King comic adaption.  Full Final Order list can be viewed here  https://www.previewsworld.com/FinalOrdersDue  

Previews World has the new Preorder catalogue up.  This lists the new releases through July and August and replaces previous announcements (there is a lot of old out of date info out there showing previous shipping schedules and title announcements - so pre-ordering from the latest Previews catalogue might be your best bet)   https://www.previewsworld.com/catalog .    

This is the week for the resumption of new release Games Workshop products.  I'm expecting the latest White Dwarf magazine plus new Adeptus Mechanicus and Black Library releases. Next week's New Releases have been announced here https://www.warhammer-community.com/2020/05/31/sunday-preview-skies-of-fire/  Aeronautica Imperialis: Skies of Fire, Plus Black Library books : Age of Sigmar Ghoulslayer, new Horus Heresy Anthology Heralds of the Siege..

Wishing everybody well – see you in store soon!

Chris, Rach and team MK1.

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