We are changing how we handle one-off comic or magazine requests for variants, extra issues etc.  The main reason for the change is  because of the proliferation of variant cover requests. We are spending many extra hours collating orders ahead of each weekly shipment - sometimes not being able to finish processing one shipment before it is time to start work on the next shipment. Our old way of doing things was susceptible to data loss as the frequently accessed files got out of sync. We have also had problems when comics changed their invoiced title name between solicitation and arrival - meaning the preorder from the catalogue didn't match to the title on the shipping list. The new system will be more accurate and has extra features that will keep users updated with arrivals, announcements and notifications.  Learn more about Pullbox here. 

No Change to how we handle subscription orders.   These are straightforward and are what our comic ordering system was built to do  - all the admin is done in one simple entry. A subscription order is a request for every issue of a title going forward.  For example "I want each new issue of Star Wars Darth Vader put aside"  It's a set and forget way to place orders - kind of like Series Link on Mysky or Freeview.  A subscription order like this copes with comics constantly changing numbering and reboots.  Jumping off a title is easy - just tell us when you want to stop - we won't make anybody buy an issue that we put aside so just let us know when you want to stop ordering the title. 

Subscription requests can be made anyway you like - email, phone,  facebook message - or you can use the Pullbox method as well.  Contact us via email shop@mk1.co.nz Facebook @Mark1Comics  phone 07 8393728

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