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Previews Week

Previews Week: Free DC or Marvel Previews included with every shipment whilst stock lasts.

We are waiting for announcements regarding the resumption of weekly comics - predicted to be mid to late May. Veteran MK1 fans may notice the absence of the MK1 Preorder Forms from the new site. We are experimenting with a new preorder system and will make a decision as to how and when this will be implemented once we see the revised new shipping info and release schedule.  You are most welcome to browse the Previews World site (or the free print copies in this week's mail outs) and advise requests by contacting us  - please keep in mind: everything is very much subject to change at the moment. All previous customer orders are noted and in place so there is no need to resend past orders (get in touch if you would like a summary of what we have on order for you). 

For customers wanting to place forward orders or preorders - have a look at the catalogues or the Previews World link and contact us with your requests.   Please indicate if your order is for a single issue only or an ongoing request (and if you want earlier issues let me know as well). 

Eg. a customer may request BATMAN #94   from the new DC listings or all Batman Issues from issue #94 up  - or any recent issues from the current Batman series

Mk1 will reply to your request and take extra instructions like delivery or pick up instore options at that stage (if we don't already have standing orders in place).  Nice and easy yeah? 

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