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October Order Resources are available now.... The  new Marvel distibutor has a new preorder resource https://prhcomics.com/ . including it's own Preorder system (fear not - Pullbox and Previews World will continue to track Marvel titles).  The October shipping catalogue is linked below.   While this resource doesn't offer all the bells and whistles that PULLBOX does it may suit some customers better - especially those that prefer to order comics monthly in one sitting (see info below).

October highlights include
IMAGE & the INDIES: GUNSLINGER SPAWN #1, MAGIC ORDER 2 #1,  HELLBOY SILVER LANTERN CLUB #1 (OF 5)STAR TREK MIRROR WAR #1HOUSE OF SLAUGHTER #1 (a new series set in the world of Something is Killing the Children).
More to find - check the catalogue links below.

Existing MK1 subscribers: Please use your PULLBOX account to update and add titles to your subscriptions, place one off orders for single comics or select variant covers. 

New Customers:  Send us a message via Email: shop@mk1.co.nz Phone 07 8393728 or Facebook  Messenger @Mark1Comics and we will be in touch when your request is available to order from the MK1 website.  

Links can be found below for the various publisher digital catalogues. 

A Guide and preview to all of Marvel's upcoming releases - it's your #1 source for advanced information on Marvel Comics! This August issue features items scheduled to ship in October 2021 and beyond.

Marvel Previews Digital Edition can be viewed here
Marvel Previews World Website version can be viewed here

New Online Resource: Use the new Marvel distributor Preorder site to build a monthly preorder list that you can download and forward to MK1. View each month's listings and hit the Heart symbol to add an item to your Pulllist.  Once completed navigate to the top of the page and you should see the Heart symbol again - subtitled Pull List  plus a number representing how many comics you have selected.  Click on this to view your Penguin Random House Pull List - give your list a name (eg. Mk1 October Order) .  There should be a download link on the right hand side of the page - click this, choosing either an excel spreadsheet or PDF (We prefer the excel sheet but can work with a pdf file if that is your preference) .  Forward that file to MK1  - and we will reply with Mk1 prices.  Prices are in US currency, Shipping Dates are US format month/date/year - add one day for the expected arrival at MK1. The Pulllist site doesn't offer a subscription option - customers are expected to self select their chosen titles fresh each month.  October Order Form can be found here https://prhcomics.com/catalog-landing-page/?catalogCode=2021-08


DC Connect #15 : October shipping titles  - click to download a PDF copy. 

 DC Connect #15 is available for download now, with comics and more soliciting for OCTOBER on-sale and beyond!  In this PDF catalog, discover Batman: The Imposter #1Batman: The Long Halloween Special, Catwoman: Lonely City #1Human Target #1DC vs. Vampires #1, and so much more. You can view and download DC Connect #15 HERE!


PREVIEWS is your ultimate guide to comics, graphic novels and pop-culture merchandise available from your local comic book shop MK1!... revealed up to two months in advance! Read detailed product descriptions and storylines for hundreds comic books and graphic novels from the top comic book publishers and see the coolest toys and pop-culture merchandise on Earth! Plus: PREVIEWS Exclusive items you'll find nowhere else! It's a great monthly read to find out what's at comic shops!  This August issue features items scheduled to ship in October 2021 and beyond.


 How to Order:

Requests for any of the above new titles or titles listed at the above links can be sent via email shop@mk1.co.nz Facebook @Mark1Comics  or by using the COMMENTS feature on this page. (All comments are moderated and are not published to page by default. We will contact you by email to confirm request). 
Please advise if you will be picking up your preorder in store or if you would like delivery. 

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