Last Call for Preorders : Due 29th March 2021

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Last Call for Preorders : Due 29th March 2021

Final Order Cut Off is the point in the week where Mk1 locks in our orders - usually about three weeks before the comics ship, longer for the volumes (this article explains more ). 

We suggest viewing all the titles being locked down this week at the following links:

  • Marvel & Indie titles can be viewed on the  Previews World Final Order Cut Off page - look for cover choices for ALIEN #2 and WALKING DEAD DLX #13 (including the first part of a new connecting cover sweep)
  • DC titles being locked down this week can be viewed over at the LUNAR front page Look for the cover choices for BATMAN BLACK & WHITE #5 (OF 6),  CATWOMAN #30

Highlighting Key New Title launches below:  

New Walking Dead Deluxe Connecting Cover set connects issues #13 - #18 (full image shown above) 

WALKING DEAD DLX #13 CVR D RAPOZA (MR)  (W) Robert Kirkman (A) Charlie Adlard, Dave McCaig (CA) Dave Rapoza
Rick and crew's search for shelter leads them to...the prison. In a world overrun by the dead, it's the perfect place to survive and has nearly everything they could ever need. The only problem is that it already has tenants...lots and lots of dead ones.

This deluxe presentation in STUNNING FULL COLOR also features another installment of Cutting Room Floor and creator commentary.  MK1 Price $9.00 In Store : Apr 21, 2021

MIGHTY VALKYRIES #1 (OF 5) (W) Jason Aaron, Torunn Gronbekk (A) Erica D'Urso (A/CA) Mattia De Iulis
Jane Foster believed she was the only Valkyrie left - but the fight against Knull, the King in Black, proved her wrong. Now the Valkyries must redefine their roles in a changing world - and Asgard's not going to make it easy. When Loki comes to Jane with rumors of a beast stalking the souls of Midgard, she leaps into action - but she's not the only one after the strange wolf's hide. She'll need backup...but her ancient coworker has other priorities. Years ago, the warrior made a promise to a woman she loved. And now, it's time to follow through. Get the real story behind the Marvel Universe's newest star - and don't miss the start of an all-new epic adventure from powerhouses Jason Aaron, Torunn Gr nbekk and Mattia de Iulis!  MK1 Price $10.00 In Store : Apr 21, 2021

WAY OF X #1 (W) Si Spurrier (A) Bob Quinn (CA) Giuseppe Camuncoli
Mutantkind has built a new Eden... but there are serpents in this garden. Some mutants struggle to fit in. Some mutants turn to violence and death. And the children whisper
of the Patchwork Man, singing in their hearts...Only one mutant senses the looming shadows.
Snared by questions of death, law and love, only NIGHTCRAWLER can fight for the soul of Krakoa. Only he - and the curious crew he assembles - can help mutants defeat their inner-darkness and find a new way to live. The WAY OF X.
SI SPURRIER (X-MEN LEGACY) and BOB QUINN (CAPTAIN AMERICA) push the frontiers of Krakoa in this unmissable entry into the bold new REIGN OF X.  MK1 Price $10.00 In Store : Apr 21, 2021

WAY OF X #1 VICENTINI WRAPAROUND VAR  (W) Si Spurrier (A) Bob Quinn (CA) Federico Vicentini MK1 Price $10.00 In Store : Apr 21, 2021

WAY OF X #1 YOUNG VAR (W) Si Spurrier (A) Bob Quinn (CA) Skottie Young MK1 Price $10.00 In Store : Apr 21, 2021

WOMEN OF MARVEL #1  (W) Natasha Alterici, More (A) Eleonora Carlini, More (CA) Sara Pichelli 

The future is female! Get in on the ground floor with this amazing assembly of writers and artists from all over entertainment. Comics legend Louise Simonson kicks things off with a must-read introduction! Nadia Shammas punches the glass ceiling with the Jade Giantess! Elsa Sjunneson grits her way to the front line with Captain Peggy Carter! Sophie Campbell goes feral with a bone-grinding Marrow story! Video game-and-comics writer Anne Toole makes her Marvel debut in a blaze of glory! Natasha Alterici of Heathen fame charges sword-first into the Marvel Universe! With astonishing art from new and established artists Kei Zama (Transformers, DEATH'S HEAD), Eleonora Carlini (Power Rangers, Batgirl), Skylar Patridge (Resonant, Relics of Youth), Joanna Estep (Fantastic Four, Fraggle Rock) and more, you're sure to come away powered up and ready to slay - in high heels and boots alike. MK1 Price $11.90 In Store : Apr 21, 2021

WOMEN OF MARVEL #1 CONNER VAR (W) Natasha Alterici, More (A) More, Eleonora Carlini (CA) Amanda Conner MK1 Price $11.90 In Store : Apr 21, 2021

WOMEN OF MARVEL #1 MOMOKO VAR (W) Natasha Alterici, More (A) Eleonora Carlini, More (CA) Peach Momoko MK1 Price $11.90 In Store Apr 21, 2021

WOMEN OF MARVEL #1 WOLF VAR (W) Natasha Alterici, More (A) Eleonora Carlini, More (CA) Maria Wolf   MK1 Price $11.90 In Store Apr 21, 2021 

COJACARU THE SKINNER #1 (OF 12) CVR A BERGTING (W) Mike Mignola, Christopher Golden (A/CA) Peter Bergting 

Cojacaru the Skinner, the strange and enigmatic bane of Eastern European witches, has been dead many years. But from a bloodied French town in the throes of World War II, a plea for help carries across the winds of time. A desperate band of resistance soldiers and their white witch allies rest their fate in the hands of Cojacaru's ghost. And when she answers their call, it will be heard near and far.
Celebrated horror writers Mike Mignola and Christopher Golden return to tell the story of Cojacaru the Skinner, once a small girl named Crina who befriended a witch-hunting golem. Rejoined by artist Peter Bergting (Baltimore and Joe Golem: Occult Detective) and colorist Michelle Madsen, the tale they spin will be one of horror, desperation, and ultimately hope.  MK1 Price $9.00 In Store Apr 21, 2021 


OLD GUARD TALES THROUGH TIME #1 (OF 6) CVR A FERNANDEZ (MR) (W) Greg Rucka, Andrew Wheeler (A) Jacopo Camagni (A/CA) Leandro Fernandez

The bestselling, critically acclaimed THE OLD GUARD, now a hit Netflix movie starring Charlize Theron, returns with all-new stories by writers GREG RUCKA, VITA AYALA, BRIAN MICHAEL BENDIS, KELLY SUE DeCONNICK, MATT FRACTION, DAVID F. WALKER, and more, and artists LEANDRO FERNÁNDEZ, HORACIO ALTUNA, RICK BURCHETT, VALENTINE DE LANDRO, JUSTIN GREENWOOD, KANO, NICOLA SCOTT, and more!

Andromache the Scythian-a warrior over six thousand years old, who has fought more battles than she cares to remember-has kept one constant companion through her long lifetime of combat...her labrys. Andy's battle axe takes many forms, and many lives, in its centuries at her side, a story told by THE OLD GUARD creators GREG RUCKA & LEANDRO FERNÁNDEZ.

Meanwhile, Nicolo "Nicky" di Genova and Yusuf "Joe" al-Kaysani, lovers since they tried (and failed) to kill each other in the First Crusade, spend an evening at Berlin's famed Eldorado nightclub in the twilight era of 1932, sharing drinks with drag queens and fistfighting Nazis in an all-new story by writer ANDREW WHEELER (Another Castle: Grimoire) and JACOPO CAMAGNI (NOMEN OMEN)!   MK1 Price $9.00 In Store Apr 21, 2021  

After angering a number of hostile spirits in England, 13-year-old magician Johnny Constantine has to find a way out of the country. Persuading his parents to send him to America, John arrives at the Junior Success Boarding School in Salem, Massachusetts. But once there, he finds himself to be something of an outcast. And he is convinced that his homeroom teacher really has it in for him. Worse, he’s sure she’s really a witch. Fortunately, John is able to find one kindred spirit at school with whom he’s able to form an alliance—another misfit named Anna, who also happens to have her own developing magical powers. John recruits Anna in his efforts to uncover the truth about Ms. Kayla and expose the meanest teacher’s real identity to the world. Joined by a friendly demon named Etrigan, these two amateur sleuths will uncover clues and stumble upon forces beyond their control in a humorous series of misadventures.  MK1 Price $21.90 In Store 29 June 2021


 How to Order:

Requests for any of the above new titles (or titles listed at the above links) can be sent via email Facebook @Mark1Comics  or by using the COMMENTS feature on this page. (All comments are moderated and are not published to page by default. We will contact you by email to confirm request). 
We use  PULLBOX to manage our comic preorders.  It is also the method that notifies customers when prorders arrive at the shop. If you have a PULLBOX account you can place orders for any of the above titles  through PREVIEWS WORLD or by contacting us as above.


The two main types of comic orders are
1. One off comic or specific variant requests 
2. Subscription Requests: Ongoing orders for every new issue of a title or mini series - this is the easiest way to order comics - set and forget!
Here is how our Comic Subscription System works.
  1. Let us know the title or titles you would like like to receive every new issue of. 
  2. As each new issue arrives at MK1, we put your requests aside.
  3. Our subscription system sends you a notification of arrival - you can pick your comics up from the store, or request a delivery or have them held aside at the counter for a future pick up or delivery/
If you are after more info like how to choose titles, how to claim the discounted delivery rate for subscribers (MK1 Comic Club), how to keep up with spin offs, crossovers and tie ins then check this post out for more information. 
To set up a MK1 Comic Subscription contact us via email or  Facebook message @Mark1Comics.

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