Last Call for Preorders : Due 19th April 2021

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Last Call for Preorders : Due 19th April 2021

Final Order Cut Off is the point in the week where Mk1 locks in our orders - usually about three weeks before the comics ship, longer for the volumes (this article explains more ). 

We suggest viewing all the titles being locked down this week at the following links:

  • Marvel & Indie titles can be viewed on the  Previews World Final Order Cut Off page - including GEIGER #2 covers, BLACK PANTHER #25 - lots of covers for Ta-Nehisi Coates' finale including a new Gleason webhead-esq cover, MAGIC THE GATHERING (MTG) #2 covers, 
  • DC titles being locked down this week can be viewed over at the LUNAR front page Look for ordering options for JOKER #3 covers, 

Highlighting Key New Title launches below: 


RED ROOM #1  (W) Ed Piskor (A) Ed Piskor
From the creator of Hip Hop Family Tree and X-Men: Grand Design comes this ALL-NEW monthly comic book series, with a specially priced, self-contained, double-sized debut issue! Red Room is a cyberpunk, outlaw, splatterpunk masterpiece. Aided by the anonymous dark web and nearly untraceable crypto-currency, there has emerged a subculture of criminals who live-stream and patronize webcam murders for entertainment. Who are the murderers? Who are the victims? How do we stop it? As seen on Piskor's YouTube channel sensation, Cartoonist Kayfabe!  MK1 Price $13.90 In Store: May 19, 2021


She's Marjorie Finnegan. She's a temporal criminal. What more do you need to know? Oh, all right then: all Marj wants to do is race up and down the time-lanes, stealing every shiny-gleamy-pretty-sparkly she can lay her hands on. But her larcenous trail from the Big Bang to the Ninety-fifth Reich has drawn the beady eye of the Temporal PD, whose number one Deputy Marshall is now hard on our heroine's tail - and taking things extremely personally. Worse still, Marj's worthless creep of an ex and his even scummier partner
have seen an angle of their own in all this, and now intend to use her time-tech to change history for their own benefit. Marj's only ally? A guy called Tim. And he's just a head. I mean come on, what use is just a head...?! MK1 Price $9.00 In Store: May 05, 2021

MARJORIE FINNEGAN TEMPORAL CRIMINAL #1 CVR B DEODATO JR (MR)  (W) Garth Ennis (A) Goran Sudzuka MK1 Price $9.00 In Store: May 05, 2021


MARJORIE FINNEGAN TEMPORAL CRIMINAL #1 CVR C CHO (MR)   (W) Garth Ennis (A) Goran Sudzuka MK1 Price $9.00 In Store: May 05, 2021

JUSTICE LEAGUE LAST RIDE #1 CVR A DARICK ROBERTSON (W) Chip Zdarsky (A) Miguel Mendonca (CA) Darick Robertson 
Once the most powerful group in the world, the Justice League was destroyed by tragedy and time, disbanding under a veil of mistrust and anger. Now, on the eve of the universe’s greatest murder trial, the League must come together one last time…but can Superman and Batman bury the past before the cosmos’s greatest villains bury them? Learn the shocking truth in this new adventure by writer Chip Zdarsky and artist Miguel Mendonça! MK1 Price $9.00 In Store: May 11th, 2021

JUSTICE LEAGUE LAST RIDE #1 CVR B MIGUEL MENDONCA CARD STOCK VAR (W) Chip Zdarsky (A) Miguel Mendonca  MK1 Price $10.00 In Store: May 11th, 2021

FUTURE STATE GOTHAM #1 CVR A YASMINE PUTRI (W) Joshua Williamson, Dennis Culver (A) Giannis Milonogiannis (CA) Yasmine Putri
The event that was DC Future State continues in its own ongoing title starring the Bat-Family, beginning with the epic story “Hunt the Batman.” Disaster strikes Gotham City, and all evidence points to the Next Batman! Red Hood must choose justice over his family and allies when the corrupt Magistrate enlists him to bring in the new Batman dead or alive! Featuring the entire cast from the popular Future State Batman titles, this new series kicks off the next chapter in this forbidding world of tomorrow, and does so in brilliant, monochromatic storytelling! This black-and-white series will showcase the brutal world that’s around the corner in Future State Gotham! MK1 Price $9.00 In Store: May 11th, 2021


BATMAN FORTNITE ZERO POINT #4 (OF 6) CVR A MIKEL JANÍN (W) Christos Gage, Donald Mustard (A) Christian Duce (CA) Mikel Janín

Batman has broken free from the Loop and the endless cycle of combat. Now free to explore the island without limitation, the World's Greatest Detective will discover secrets about the world of Fortnite never before revealed in the game or anywhere else. Just one thing...he's not alone. Not only is he met by a rogue faction of Fortnite bandits who have ALSO escaped the loop - Eternal Voyager! Bandolette! Magnus! Fishstick! And a few others -- there's someone else trapped, someone who is trying to get free from the world of Fortnite ...someone deadly. Will Batman recognize this familiar hunter-for-hire, and even more importantly, will he trust him? Just because Batman's out of the Loop doesn't mean the fighting is over... Each print issue of Batman/Fortnite: Zero Point will include a redeemable code for bonus DC-themed Fortnite digital items, inspired by the events in the comic. Fans who redeem all six codes will also unlock a new Armored Batman Zero Outfit for their Fortnite character.  MK1 Price $10.00 In Store: June 01, 2021

BATMAN FORTNITE ZERO POINT #4 (OF 6) CVR B DAN MORA CARD STOCK MK1 Price $11.90  In Store: June 01, 2021


    Get in touch to request an email listing of current pre-orderable covers for BATMAN FORTNITE ZERO POINT #1 to #3 (at time of posting Cover As have presold out, small numbers of cover Bs and Premiere Variants remaining).

    TIME BEFORE TIME #1 CVR A SHALVEY (MR) (W) Declan Shalvey, Rory McConville (A) Joe Palmer, Chris O'Halloran (CA) Declan Shalvey
    The year is 2140, and to escape a world with no future, many turn to the Syndicate, a criminal organization who, for the right price, will smuggle you back in time to a better life. After working for the Syndicate for years, Tatsuo and Oscar decide to steal one of their boss's time machines-but soon find that the one thing you can't run from is your past.

    TIME BEFORE TIME is a brand-new ongoing series where writer/artist DECLAN SHALVEY (BOG BODIES) joins forces with the WRITE IT IN BLOOD team of RORY McCONVILLE and JOE PALMER. Looper meets SAGA in this extra-sized debut issue. 

    MK1 Price $9.00 In Store: May 12th, 2021

    HOUSE OF LOST HORIZONS #1 (OF 5) (W) Mike Mignola, Chris Roberson (A) Leila Del Duca (CA) Christopher Mitten
    A locked-room murder mystery puzzles paranormal detective Sarah Jewell and her associate Marie Therése when a weekend trip on a private island off the coast of Washington goes astray. Trapped by a storm and surrounded by myriad suspects who have gathered for an auction of occult items, the intrepid duo must unravel the supernatural mysteries surrounding the guests in hopes of uncovering the murderer! But all the while, bodies keep piling up, and at any moment Sarah or Marie Therése could be next!
    Mike Mignola and Chris Roberson return to the world of Hellboy, accompanied by artist Leila del Duca and colorist Michelle Madsen.
    Investigator Sarah Jewell (Rise of the Black Flame, Witchfinder: The Reign of Darkness) gets her own series in this murder mystery with an occult twist. MK1 Price $9.00 In Store: May 12th, 2021

    HEROES REBORN HYPERION AND IMPERIAL GUARD #1 (W) Ryan Cady (A) Michele Bandini, Stephen Byrne (CA) Chris Sprouse

    The teenage Hyperion's cosmic quests with his Shi'ar friends near their end, but none of the young heroes are ready to say farewell. A quick mission in the Negative Zone sounds like the perfect coda to a storied fellowship...but what awaits Hyperion, Gladiator and the rest is horror and agony beyond their wildest nightmares!
    Also included in this issue: a special preview of the new spinoff series, THE STARJAMMERS. MK1 Price $10.00 In Store: May 12th, 2021

    Plus :

    STAR WARS #13 (W) Charles Soule (A) Ramon Rosanas (CA) Carlo Pagulayan

    • CHEWBACCA has heard from an old friend with intelligence on the location of notorious bounty hunter BOBA FETT, known to be in possession of HAN SOLO.
    • Along with LUKE SKYWALKER, the loyal Wookiee sets off in search of his lost friend, on an adventure to Nar Shadaa... the SMUGGLER'S MOON!
    • But will this mission prevent plucky astromech droid ARTOO DETOO from passing along a crucial message to Luke, one that will affect the fate of the entire Jedi Order...? MK1 Price $10.00 In Store: May 12th, 2021

    WAR OF THE BOUNTY HUNTERS, an upcoming Star Wars crossover event, will begin in May. The event will kick off with WAR OF THE BOUNTY HUNTERS ALPHA #1. From there, the event will tie into Marvel’s entire post-Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back lineup including STAR WARS, STAR WARS: BOUNTY HUNTERS, STAR WARS: DARTH VADER, and STAR WARS: DOCTOR APHRA, starting with special prelude issues throughout May. The crossover continues in June, centering around a five-issue WAR OF THE BOUNTY HUNTERS miniseries from Soule and artist Luke Ross. The epic story will see the entire galaxy from the Rebellion to the Empire at war for the greatest prize of all: Han Solo!

    Full Prelude list for the STAR WARS: WAR OF THE BOUNTY HUNTERS series

    X-CORP #1 (W) Tini Howard (A) Alberto Foche (CA) David Aja
    The deals have been made. Mutantkind is safe on Krakoa. As the Reign of X continues, what are the wants of the mutants who have everything? Leading the charge is X-CORPORATION, headed by CXOs Monet St. Croix and Warren Worthington, a duo as cutthroat and ruthless in the boardroom as they are on a battlefield. But X-Corp needs more than just its figureheads. As Monet sets out to staff their team with some of the brightest and most deviant minds in mutantkind, Warren finds himself in a tense meeting with one of Krakoa's first allies who wants to know the truth: on Angel's wings, will X-Corp crash or soar?
    Rated T+ MK1 Price $10.00 In Store: May 12th, 2021

    X-CORP #1 YOUNG VAR  (W) Tini Howard (A) Alberto Foche (CA) Skottie Young MK1 Price $10.00 In Store: May 12th, 2021


     How to Order:

    Requests for any of the above new titles (or titles listed at the above links) can be sent via email Facebook @Mark1Comics  or by using the COMMENTS feature on this page. (All comments are moderated and are not published to page by default. We will contact you by email to confirm request).  We use  PULLBOX to manage our comic preorders.  It is also the method that notifies customers when prorders arrive at the shop. If you have a PULLBOX account you can place orders for any of the above titles  through PREVIEWS WORLD or by contacting us as above.
    The three main types of comic orders are
    1. Subscription Requests: Ongoing orders for every new issue of a title or mini series - this is the easiest way to order comics - we will stash aside your requests and contact you at an arranged time. 
    2. One off comic or specific variant requests
    We use the PULLBOX service to manage ongoing or one off requests.  Place an order by contacting us as above and we will set you up with a PULLBOX account if you don't already have one. Pullbox will notify you as preorders arrive.  Future requests can be made by using your PULLBOX account along with the PREVIEWS WORLD listings- or you can contact us directly - what ever method suits you best.
    3. Notify Only requests : We will send you a link when a requested item arrives at MK1 - we won't put a copy aside but will leave it up to you to grab from the MK1 website if wanted.  You can choose to have your order set aside and ship with another order or ship straight away.

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