July 2020 Preview

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July 2020 Preview

July Preview - Here's to July carrying on the June rebuild -#backthecomeback. 

Our weekly comic shipments have resumed their reliable schedule (and I am optimistic the new DC distribution will roll on almost seamlessly – the litmus test will be next week). 

Games Workshop's releases are ramping up with lots of new Black Library books and the big new 40K edition is due out early July.  Our board game suppliers are all talking about big supply and transport problems which apparently will be the normal through to Christmas 2020! We are so-far keeping our Boardgame shelves full though - grabbing whatever we can get from as many sources as possible. Pokemon, Yugioh and Magic the Gathering all have big releases either on shelf now or arriving soon.  

Keep an eye on our Funko Pop shelves with another big  shipment due mid July.


Lots of new stuff heading our way in July - before we get into that we had better make some room on the shelves!  Here is a heap of new Graphic Novel/Comic Volumes marked down super cheap.  Lots of good reads here - with a special focus on some nice runs of DC New 52 era books - check out all the bargains here https://mk1.co.nz/collections/graphic-novels/sale?sort_by=created-descending


Preorders : Catalogues and links to news sites  

Marvel, Image, Dark Horse and Indie Publisher Preorder Catalogues can be viewed here https://www.previewsworld.com/Article/238475-Digital-PREVIEWS-Catalogs   We have a big stack of the latest printed Marvel catalogue showing September releases - will ship free while stocks last with any order containing a Marvel comic.

DC July/August https://www.dccomics.com/comics/dc-connect-2020/dc-connect-1 

DC September  https://www.dccomics.com/comics/dc-connect-2020/dc-connect-2  

Games Workshop The Warhammer Community site is the best place to keep up to date with GW offerings https://www.warhammer-community.com/  

MK1's own weekly Preorder forms can be found here https://mk1.co.nz/blogs/news/tagged/final-order-cut-off .  There is a new Final Order Cut Off post every Wednesday.  Please consider placing preorders from these Final Order Cut Off posts rather than the weekly Cover Gallery page.  The FOC posts are for items we are currently about to order (but will ship very soon).  The Cover Gallery is for items that are locked in already - and may have presold out.

Year So Far Best Sellers:

TE TIRITI O WAITANGI / THE TREATY OF WAITANGI  $19.90 is our best selling graphic novel - how cool is that! 

STAR WARS DARTH VADER #1 is our best selling comic so far this year- still some variants up for grabs.

SANTORINI and THROW THROW BURRITO are tied for our #1  board game position .



Preorders are rolling in for these upcoming releases - these are all titles where we have misjudged demand and have upped our original order.

DARK NIGHTS DEATH METAL #1 (OF 6)                           
GIANT-SIZE X-MEN MAGNETO #1 DX                               
HELLIONS #2 DX                                               
LAST KNIGHT OF ST HAGAN #1 (OF 4)                           
PULP HC (MR)                                                 
RISE AND FALL OF TRIGAN EMPIRE TP VOL 01                     
SACRED SIX #1 CVR A LEE                                     
VENOM #26                                                   
WOLVERINE #3 DX                                             
X-MEN #11 EMP                                               

July Checklists


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