Last Call for Preorders :  Due by Monday 14th December

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Last Call for Preorders : Due by Monday 14th December

Final Order Cut Off is the point in the week where Mk1 locks in our orders - usually about three weeks before the comics ship, longer for the volumes (this article explains more ). 
New title launch info follows but  we strongly suggest viewing all the Marvel & Indie titles being locked down this week over at the Previews World Final Order Cut Off page   This week's DC Comics full listing can be found at base of this page.
RAIN LIKE HAMMERS #1 (OF 5) $10.00 (W) Brandon Graham (A/CA) Brandon Graham
KING CITY AND PROPHET writer and artist BRANDON GRAHAM returns with an all-new OVERSIZED FIVE-ISSUE SERIES!  Eugene is a new inhabitant of Elephant, a walking city on the desert world of Crown Majesty. Far from friends and family, he spends most of his time navigating melancholy daydreams, toying with alien technology, and researching the best places to find high-quality fast food. At best, his life is lonely and monotonous-but all of that changes when a mysterious force begins destroying Crown Majesty's walking cities! In Store Jan 20, 2021.

HAHA #1 CVR A DEL REY (MR) $9.00 (W) W. Maxwell Price (A/CA) Vanesa R. Del Rey
ICE CREAM MAN writer W. MAXWELL PRINCE brings his signature style of one-shot storytelling to the world of clowns-and he's invited SOME OF THE COMIC INDUSTRY'S BEST ARTISTS to join him for the ride. HAHA is a genre-jumping, throat-lumping look at the sad, scary, hilarious life of those who get paid to play the fool-but these ain't your typical jokers. With issues drawn by VANESA DEL REY (REDLANDS), GABRIEL WALTA (Vision), ROGER LANGRIDGE (Thor), and more, HAHA peeks under the big top, over the rainbow, and even inside a balloon to tell a wide-ranging slew of stories about "funny" men and women, proving that some things are so sad you just have to laugh. In Store Jan 13, 2021

CAPTAIN MARVEL MARVELS SNAPSHOTS #1 $10.00 (W) Mark Waid (A) Colleen Doran (CA) Alex Ross
A team of heroes fights a stirring battle for the safety of the planet. A young woman struggles with desperation and despair, trying to cope in the modern world. But that's only the beginning. Superstar creators MARK WAID (Kingdom Come, FANTASTIC FOUR) and COLLEEN DORAN (SPIDER-MAN, A Distant Soil) tell a tale of inspiration within inspiration, as we see how the world's marvels have inspired others - and how they've been inspired themselves. Featuring Captain Marvel, Ms. Marvel and a few surprises. In Store: Jan 20 2021

IRON FIST HEART OF DRAGON #1 (OF 6) $9.00 (W) Larry Hama (A) Dave Wachter (CA) Billy Tan
Someone is killing the ancient dragons that power the HEAVENLY CITIES, and only IRON FIST and the DEADLY WEAPONS can stop them...if they can discover who they are in time! Zombie armies, mystical portals, dragon hearts, some of the Marvel Universe's deadliest fighters all converge in one action-packed extravaganza, and the fate of all worlds hangs in the balance! LARRY HAMA and DAVID WACHTER are building a story that hits as hard as the Iron Fist itself! In Store: Jan 20, 2021

MAESTRO WAR AND PAX #1 (OF 5) $10.00 Peter David (A) Javier Pina (CA) Dale Keown 
The man once known as the Hulk is now neither man, nor Hulk - call him only THE MAESTRO! After deposing Dystopia's ancient ruler, the Maestro sets his sights even bigger. It's time the entire planet Earth recognized their one true god! But the Maestro isn't the only immortal left...and if he wants to truly dominate the planet, he'll have to face the most powerful beings in creation! PETER DAVID continues the tale that began decades ago in the legendary Future Imperfect! In Store Jan 20, 2021

FUTURE STATE CATWOMAN #1 - #2 (OF 2) CVR A LIAM SHARP $9.00 Masked vigilantes have been deemed illegal, and the Magistrate has commandeered a bullet train to take those they’ve captured to a reformation facility—and filled the rest of the train with innocent children! Catwoman is hellbent on ensuring it never reaches its destination. Armed with a new magnetic suit, assisted by her trusty band of Strays, and featuring Catwoman’s new protégé, she must pull off the impossible: a train heist where she steals…the train itself! But Selina isn’t the only person aboard who has plans for this train and its most unexpected passenger!


FUTURE STATE IMMORTAL WONDER WOMAN #1 - #2 (OF 2) CVR A JEN BARTEL $11.90 The Undoing are coming. Long past the Age of Heroes, few of Diana Prince’s friends survive, and most of her sisters have passed as well. As an immortal goddess, this is her lot. But then, a threat appears that even the mighty Darkseid can’t handle—and it’s up to Wonder Woman to take on the battle! It’s big action and high fantasy at the end of time, courtesy of Eisner Award-winning cartoonist Becky Cloonan (By Chance or Providence, Gotham Academy) and her Doom Patrol co-writer Michael W. Conrad, with the popular artist Jen Bartel (Blackbird) making her interior art debut for DC. Then, peer into a closer future as the original champion of Themyscira strikes out on her own. Things have not been stable on Paradise Island for some time, and Nubia has found a new home in Man’s World. Now, she is tasked with protecting it from the dangers of the world of myths and magic. The writer of DC’s Nubia: Real One, L.L. McKinney, takes this powerful Amazon to a whole new level.


FUTURE STATE NIGHTWING #1 - #2 (OF 2) CVR A YASMINE PUTRI $9.00 Batman is gone! Now, Nightwing has taken on the mission of keeping the citizens of Gotham City safe from the Magistrate. But to do that, he’ll have stay one step ahead of the Magistrate! And you know things have gotten bad in Gotham when the safest place for Dick to hide out is the abandoned Arkham Asylum! When Nightwing gets a visit from a mask claiming to be the new Batman…does he fight like one? Pick up this dark peek into the future by writer Andrew Constant and artist Nicola Scott to find out!


FUTURE STATE SHAZAM #1 - #2 (OF 2) CVR A BERNARD CHANG $9.00 No one’s seen Billy Batson in years—not since the incident known as the Final Battle of Titans Island. Now leading a small band of heroes, even his allies have begun to ask who’s controlling Earth’s Mightiest Mortal. In a story set years after the events of Future State: Teen Titans, learn the truth behind the sacrifice Billy made to imprison an ultimate evil even he couldn’t destroy.


FUTURE STATE SUPERMAN WORLDS OF WAR #1 - #2 (OF 2) CVR A MIKEL JANIN $15.90 This monumental Future State title features four big stories! First, Clark Kent is gone, leaving a Superman-shaped hole behind. People gather in Smallville to celebrate their hero, little realizing that he is across the galaxy helping others. Superman has gone to Warworld, where he fights as a gladiator in the deadly pits of Mongul. But this is Superman we’re talking about—and his idea of a victory does not line up with the expectations of Mongul’s hordes! Meanwhile, on the other side of Warworld, other agents are at work, struggling for a better life. Shilo Norman, the man known as Mister Miracle, has ridden a Boom Tube across the cosmos from Metropolis to finds himself at odds with an entire planet! At the same time, Midnighter, the greatest fighter from Earth, is punching his way through a whole mess of trouble. He’s on the hunt for a new energy source deadlier than Kryptonite. His goal: to shut it down before it gets unleashed on an unsuspecting universe. On top of that, the Black Racer, a girl raised in the slums of Warworld to be one of its top competitors, turns betrayal into a crusade to fight for the freedom of others like her.


FUTURE STATE THE NEXT BATMAN #2, 3 and 4 (OF 4) CVR A LADRONN $15.90 In this second Future State: Batman chapter, wearing a mask in Gotham City is now a crime—and when it’s compounded with murder, it can be a shoot-on-sight offense! Batman is on the trail of a murderous couple but quickly finds that all is not as it seems...and finds himself in the firing line of the Magistrate and their Peacekeepers! The gritty, street-level adventures of the new Dark Knight continue! Also in this issue, Batgirls Cassandra Cain and Stephanie Brown find themselves in a prison where the Magistrate throws heroes and villains alike! What no one knows, though, is that Cassandra was sent there with a mission… And in a story of the Gotham City Sirens, some girls just want to have fun—so what do you do when you find Gotham City in turmoil and overrun by Cybers? You go shopping, of course! Join Catwoman, Poison Ivy, and a new Siren on a gal’s night out. They’re on the town, looking for trouble…and finding it!


Full DC Future State listings can be found here 

$79.90  DC Comics (W) Various (A) Various (CA) Ben Oliver
The summer 2020 blockbuster “The Joker War” is collected in this new hardcover that includes the tie-in chapters starring Batgirl, Red Hood, Nightwing, Catwoman, and, of course, Harley Quinn! As the Clown Prince of Crime battles the Dark Knight Detective head-to-head one last time. The Joker has never wanted to win before—he’s never wanted his battle with Batman to end. But now his motivation has shifted. This collection features the Joker’s confrontation with Batgirl; his manipulation of the amnesiac Nightwing; and a turf war between Gotham City’s many evildoers! Plus, the debut of Clownhunter, a cameo by Ghost-Maker, and an epic battle between Harley Quinn and Punchline! Collects Batman #95-100, Batgirl #47, Detective Comics #1025, Red Hood: Outlaw #48, Nightwing #74, The Joker War Zone #1, plus stories from Harley Quinn #75 and Catwoman #25. In Store 23rd of Feb 2021


DC Comics: Currently there is no public listing of DC titles being locked down this week so we are providing a full text listing below.   More info can be found in the DC CONNECT digital magazine   All DC Comics titles are supposed to be listed on Previews World but we have not found this to be accurate. While we wait for DC to be more reliably listed we will publish the full list of each week's DC titles to Mk1's weekly Final Order Cut Off Post. To place an order for variants or single issues contact us directly (like you would for Subsciption requests) or use the comment feature on the Mk1 website - we won't publish your comment but we will email confirmation and manually add it to your Pullbox orders from our end.  

DC Comics 
Batman Black & White #2  $11.9 
Batman Black & White #2 variant edition (Doug Braithwaite)  $11.9
Batman Black & White #2 variant edition (Kamone Shirahama)  $11.9
Batman: White Knight Presents: Harley Quinn #4  $10
Batman: White Knight Presents: Harley Quinn #4 variant edition  $10 
DCeased: Dead Planet #7  $10 
DCeased: Dead Planet #7 variant edition  $11.9 
DCeased: Dead Planet #7 movie homage variant edition  $11.9 
Future State: Catwoman #1  $9 
Future State: Catwoman #1 variant edition  $10 
Future State: Immortal Wonder Woman #1  $11.9 
Future State: Immortal Wonder Woman #1 variant edition  $13.9 
Future State: Nightwing #1  $9 
Future State: Nightwing #1 variant edition  $10 
Future State: Shazam! #1  $9 
Future State: Shazam! #1 variant edition  $10 
Future State: Superman: Worlds of War #1  $15.9 
Future State: Superman: Worlds of War #1 variant edition  $17.9 
Future State: The Next Batman #2 $15.9 
Future State: The Next Batman #2 variant edition (Francesco Mattina)   $17.9 
Future State: The Next Batman #2 variant edition (Doug Braithwaite)  $17.9 
Joker/Harley: Criminal Sanity #7  $11.9 
Joker/Harley: Criminal Sanity #7 variant edition  $11.9 
Legion of Super-Heroes #12  $9 
Legion of Super-Heroes #12 variant edition  $9 
Looney Tunes #258  $7.50 
The Other History of the DC Universe #2  $13.9 
The Other History of the DC Universe #2 variant edition  $13.9 
Collected editions

Batman: Gotham Knights: Contested TP 

978-1-77950-306-0 $65.9
Catwoman Vol. 4: Come Home, Alley Cat TP  978-1-77950-451-7 $49.90
Ex Machina Compendium Two TP  978-1-77950-804-1 $119.9 
Green Arrow: 80 Years of the Emerald Archer The Deluxe Edition HC  978-1-77950-914-7 $65.9
Harley Quinn & the Birds of Prey: The Hunt for Harley HC  978-1-77950-449-4 $55.9
Swamp Thing: The Bronze Age Vol. 3 TP  978-1-77950-716-7 $79.9 
Swamp Thing: The New 52 Omnibus HC  978-1-77950-814-0  $199.0 
Tales from the DC Dark Multiverse TP  978-1-77950-815-7 $55.9
The Joker War Saga HC  978-1-77951-179-9 $79.9 


 How to Order:

Subscription requests for any of the above new titles can be sent via email Facebook @Mark1Comics  phone 07 8393728 or by using the COMMENTS feature on this page. (All comments are moderated and are not be published to page by default - we will contact you by email reply).
One off comic or specific variant requests must be placed via PULLBOX.  If you don't have a Pullbox account we will set you up with one - contact us as above.  See this post to learn why we use PULLBOX to manage these types of preorders.

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