Final Order Cut Off explained

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Final Order Cut Off explained

Final Order Cut Off: 

MK1 is preparing for Weekly Comic shipments to resume - hopefully as early as May 20th.  We normally lock our order quantities down a couple of months in advance.  Previously we would make the odd tweak to our orders a few weeks out from shipping, on a date called Final Order Cut Off.  A lot has happened since we last preordered comics so making the right tweaks has become even more  important. 

We are looking for as much preorder and customer interest information as we can get to help us order the right numbers.  Every week's Final Order Cut Off selection is published on the Previews World site - here is the current list of candidates .  Have a look through the offerings and if there is something you want to preorder - please let us know.  A new Final Order Cut Off selection is published each week and we will link to it in our weekly emails.   Looking forward to getting your feedback and preorders.


How To Place an Order From Final Order Cut Off:

  •  Visit the Final Order Cut Off Page on
  •  View, Preview and explore the lists - use the filters to look for your favourites etc. (look for the PREVIEWS PREVUE badge to view sample pages etc). Prices listed on the Previews World site are in USD$ - check with Mk1 if you need a firm quote.
  • Contact Mk1 via email Facebook @Mark1Comics  phone 07 8393728 or by using the COMMENTS feature on this page. 
  • Handy Hint: Look for the Download Order Form TXT link on the Previews World Page - this will open a plain txt title list that can be easily copied and pasted into an email. You can delete the items you do not want on the list and send as above.


The two main types of comic orders are
1. Subscription Requests: Ongoing orders for every new issue of a title or mini series - this is the easiest way to order comics - we will stash aside your requests and contact you at an arranged time. 
2. One off comic or specific variant requests.  We use the PULLBOX service to manage these types of preorders. Place an order by contacting us as above and we will set you up with a PULLBOX account - future requests can be made using PULLBOX and the PREVIEWS WORLD listings.  See this post to learn why we use PULLBOX to manage these types of preorders.

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