Comics are due this week.

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Comics are due this week.

Our Cover Gallery has returned just in time for the resumption of new comic distribution.  The first shipment can be previewed on this page  This week's shipment maybe on the small side but we are still very excited to see new comics back on shelf. The big releases are SNOTGIRL VOLUME 03, LUDOCRATS #1 and DCEASED UNKILLABLES #3.  We will announce the comics arrivals in the usual places and on the website - . Sign up to the COMICS ARE GO email newsletter group to get early notice.  The Cover Gallery automatically updates each week on Mondays so bookmark this  link    Next week's shipment will be pretty sizable as Marvel officially returns and DC ships about three weeks’ worth of releases in one batch!

Reminder: The Latest Arrivals collection updates automatically through the week – it is a good page to bookmark .  Last Week's arrivals can be viewed here

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